Saturday, July 12, 2008

life on the bike...

Fly to europe
meet the crew and the guess
get up at 630,
put bikes on roof of vans
drive a little to start of stage...
fill up back pockets with gummy bears( love those!) and other sweet things (love those too!)
ride more
look up around me 
chat with everybody( jokes and other stories...can't tell because what happen here in europe stay here!!)
keep riding...
stop for lunch and try to understand Patrick's sandwich : baguette, 3 squares of butter ...or maybe 4... 4 big chunks of cheese, top with half the jar of peanut butter, drizzle with honey oh and a couple of pringle chip... in the sandwich. I still don't get it!!! the guy is 150 pounds and no fat on there go figure...
refilled bottles and pockets
ride another 3 or 4 hres and get to the hotel
showers, massage clean vans and dinner.
then lights out
Repeat everyday for a month...
my brain is out and my body too!
today was the last day and after 1 month of riding everyday I still love riding. I met great people and I made friends.
thanks Joe.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More from europe...

                                             Me, the Pisa tour and my italian cheese sunglasses!!!
                                             New friends....
                                              cappuccino stop
                                             Sun flowers field
                                             life is good...

Destination cycling in Italy

                                             Sicile: Our fist stop In Palermo
                                             One of the oldest ruins in Italy
                                              Mount Edna: still smoking...
                                             Allen and Moira: you guys are great!
                                             Life is good...