Thursday, July 30, 2009

Intermontane challenge...a real challenge!

day 1 : didn't get lost, suffered from the heat big time didn't eat enough and thought that is hell!!
day 2: didn't get lost, suffered from small narrow off camber single track but felt good.
day 3: Didn't get lost, suffered from the heat again, saw some stars on the road climb and got the shivers at 100 degrees ... not good. Stage cancel too many people lost...
day 4: didn't get lost, felt good the first 3 hres then BANG! single track BC style...I walked. Then I said to myself that I had enough. Got in the truck with my awesome mechanic  Chris from Thule. 
day5: didn't get lost, started the TT felt like nothing was working (body wise) , got so hot had to stop and sit for a while, wasn't having fun at all . 
On the plane tomorrow to Boston.. hopefully  I will remember why I decided to do this!

This was the most difficult race I've ever done. 

Monday, July 13, 2009


PoW WoW triathlon in Amesbury...Second triathlon ever...Its true.
The first one I did was 5 years ago in Montreal . I went swimming the day before for an hour and then I started the race the next day. Not much time for training!
The good thing was that the swim was in a pool so I could touch the ground once in a while to take a break! I was slow...1/4 mile in 18 min wow! I think I can crawl faster...
Yesterday I had the crew support Tim , his mom Claudia and my pup Vitesse. 
I was nervous but exited to tri something new. My orange cap on , goggles and wetsuit( thanks to Fitwerx for helping me) and off I went. I was just thinking about not drinking the whole lake ...out of the swim in 11 min only 2min20 behind the best guys...Got to transition and lost a bit of time there but place for improvement! Got on the bike and just went chassing everyone in front of me one by one...transition 2 little faster less than a min. Off I went for my 3.2 mile run. I felt a little stiff after the bike but got into the groove. Again racing in my bubble thinking about Km instead of miles! I pushed the last km because I new Crystal was coming behind me( she is a 2h47 marathon runner and a great triathlete). I come to the last corner and ...cross the banner for the finish! I was 1st and 6th overall. what I was happy about was the way I finish my run under 20 min . So here's the first report. Hope you will keep following my Quest to Kona 2010. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Up next: 5 days mt bike challenge in Kamloops BC

October...ride October...thats my favorite month of the year but its also my bike sponsor for the season. Andrew is an awesome guy that have a passion just like all of us. He makes hand made bikes with... passion. 

I have been riding his bike this year racing a little around the US and having a blast riding with the mt bike crew, Linnea, Kates and the boys. Like I said in my other blog post I am not a professional bike racer anymore.
 Everything I do on my bike is of course pushing myself, test my limits but enjoy the friendship and the different side of cycling. So far I did Marblehead, Battenkill and Fitchburg. To come : Intermontane Challenge 27-31 of july in BC, (that will be my first ever mt bike stage race) then Mt Washington 15th of August , Cross Vegas 23rd of Sept, Gloucester 3-4 Oct, Providence and Southampton. 

I might sell some goodies before My race in Gloucester who knows...another thing I like to do!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New athletic goal..... Qualify for Kona 2010!!

8th of July 2009...
I've been swimming  for about 2 months now. I was never a swimmer. 
I was born on skis and started running when I was 10. And for those who know me Im very focus when I start something so never mind the swimming when I was a runner and even less when I was a professional cyclist!. Now I have to say I really enjoy swimming. 

That whole Ironman Idea came in one day...I bet it was raining...I called one of my best friend and I asked her to help me with this goal. She said yes right away and off we went. 
I had  a very scheduled life for the last ...mmmmm at least 14 years and to not have a goal of some sort was very difficult for me. The cool thing about triathlon is that Im meeting new people that have a passion too but at very different levels and even if Im new to the sport of triathlon I feel that I can help them.

So for the one's that where wondering why I race Fitchburg...well it was the 50th anniversary and I won that thing 4 years in a row. So I was invited. As for how it went...I will have to say great!! No I didn't win or podium ...I got cramps on the circuit race and broke my 2 wheels in the first 5 miles of the road race so really I never got the chance. But you know what? That was perfect. For the first time I wasn't upset or bummed or anything like that. I enjoyed the 3 extra lap with the pro mens that where a little off the back in the road race and had a great TT. As for the crit...I was at the beach! But no really I realized that bike racing is very hard and if you don't train specifically for it its even harder! I 'm starting to see what I achieve all these years and finally being proud of myself. 

I am not a professional bike racer anymore.

I love riding, running in the rain and swimming in the ocean.. I love being fit and pushing myself in different directions to see how far I can go. I love helping others to improve , I love cooking for Tim's teammate or for my friends. I love helping Tara getting back on her feet after having a cute little baby.
I am still an athlete believe me and I love it! Kona here I come!