Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week end to remember!

So I just finished Providence and Im on my way to race my first marathon but before I need to backtrack...

Came back from Savageman on monday and rested for ...a couple hours! The Mayor's cup was coming up next with Vt 50 on tap the next day.

The Boston crit was great! Great venue, huge crowd and some good racing!
felt good, got 6th and was happy to be part of the last race of Tina Pic, one of the most successful racer in the US. Congrats to her for an unbelievable career.

After the race I jumped in y little red VW heading north to White River Jonction to try to make it to bed as early as possible for the 6 am start for the VT 50....That didn't happen but had a very nice dinner with friends and Matt O'keeff...He is the reason why I got into this race! Matt was very kind to think of me this year because last year I wanted to race but missed the deadline and didn't get in. This year I had NOT plan to race...but then one night we are having dinner at Matt's house and he said" Hey we are both in for the VT 50" I said " this year?" "yup"...he said..
At that moment I told myself that it couldn't be worst than the 5 day stage race I did in BC this summer at 100+ degres....

Woke up at 430 am with the sound of...HEAVY RAIN.
I 've never done this race so I didn't think it would be that bad. You know racing 50 miles in the mud:). I am so NOT realistic sometimes.

Everything ready Matt and I got in the elevator ( cyclist do not run, walk or take stairs...except for me of course) anyway, in the elevator with two lovely mom's. The first thing they said was:" Here's your 2 first DNS of the day" I of course asked why and they simply said:" Oh we did it in the rain 2 years ago and we hated it" Hmmmmm...

its 6am, Its dark and Im nervous but excited to try Mt biking again.
Off we go! First section is neutral, paved, than the dirt road comes and the truck leaves us...
I can barely follow the wheels in front of me, my legs are like telephone poles (or still in Boston at the crit!). I am over dressed, hot and did I said it was dark? To help the situation it was misty and a very tick cloud blanket over our heads would keep the sun from lighting the trails...
It was still dark for the first couple sections of single track. I had to adjust again from my TT bike, to road bike to mt bike so it took me a while to feel ok. I was 2nd for a while...hurting like hell, every time I got on a dirt road I thought it would help me but no I felt like I was going backwards...I told myself again that I was NOT a mt biker and that was suppose to be fun.

More than Half way:
Ok I kept going for 36 miles then I was done, so done I stopped at a private house. A lot of the course of this race pass through some private properties and people are outside helping with feed, water station to clean the MUD of the bikes and...BEER. I stopped...I was going to quit, I ask the directions to get back to the lodge. I sat down in a chair, had a beer and was motivated again by a women to finish.."There is only 14 miles to go it's not that bad, you should finish"
I guess the beer didn't help my situation because I took the wrong decision: the one to finish.

After 15 min I was getting cold sitting so by that point I had decided to get going. I get back on my bike. Those last 14 miles took me longer than the first 36. I hated every parts of it except...

A friend of mine that was in my cycling classes last fall was running the 50km. The day was so miserable that the runners where faster than the average cyclist ..and me. He came by me and said: " You look like a girl that I know she is tall , very good cyclist her name is line basset or something like that..." I said "Its me!" He turned around and then I recognized him! He was joking cause he knew it was me!
I rode by is side or I should say he ran by my side for a while and we chatted . It was like the sunshine of my day. At that point I was so out of it, I have been out there for more than 8hres ( It was like being at the gym for 8hres none stop) and I was ready for something to happen ...and there he was! Thanks Jay!

So I come in after 8 h and 35 min according to my watch...Matt had stop at the same place I had my beer because he knew how hard the second part was and didn't even want to get near it!
He was there at the finish (but I would of understand if he had left) worried that I got injured, crashed or just decided to camp until the rain stopped. He had called Tim, hi wife, gone to the medical...
I crossed the line, got my medal, was having a hard time to walk, my body was not doing so well.
Matt gave me a hug and I started to cry. I said that was to hard for me and that Mt biking was not for me... Well not true, I love Mt -biking but at my own speed, not in a race, and when the sun is shinning!
I sorted cleaned up, got food, another beer, talked with Matt about life and drove home.
Just so you know that was my last mt bike RACE for a LOOOONG LOOOOONG time!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I feel alone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Savageman...Savage Man!

  • barbarous: (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering; "a barbarous crime"; "brutal beatings"; "cruel tortures ...
  • feral: wild and menacing; "a pack of feral dogs"
  • attack brutally and fiercely
  • a member of an uncivilized people
  • barbarian: without civilizing influences; "barbarian invaders"; "barbaric practices"; "a savage people"; "fighting is crude and uncivilized especially if the weapons are efficient"-Margaret Meade; "wild tribes"
  • criticize harshly or violently; "The press savaged the new President"; "The critics crucified the author for plagiarizing a famous passage"
  • beast: a cruelly rapacious person
  • ferocious: marked by extreme and violent energy; "a ferocious beating"; "fierce fighting"; "a furious battle"

That is what I found so I could explain better the Half Ironman I did this week end!
Now I know why people always want to go back...It was so challenging , fun , brutal... but like everyone else I can't wait for the next one!
I swam like ...a fast turtle ! witch is for me not fast enough, I have a hard time with the boxing match at the start of the swim and until I can swim alone my heart rate is through the roof . Getting out of the water I heard after the race that I looked tired...hhhhhmmmmm.

Got on the bike, it was like sitting in my living room I felt at home...At that point I was 10 min behind Susan William the winner of the race ( she swam like a dolphin!). The first part of the bike was fast and technical. At the 20 miles mark or so you came to the WALL a 100 m at high % and if you can make it you get a brick with your name on it at the top. I got my brick. The next 7 miles was...uphill. There is a competition with in the race for that next 7 miles.
The entertainment on the climb was great with signs like" how's your aero helmet serving you now?" or " triple cranks for sale 400$ " or " who was laughing about that triple?" ...

I was going good and thought that I was going to get that fast time...but again Susan climbed so fast I couldn't beat her time and was 2nd a min back. I forgot to tell you that when I got out of the water and ran to the transition, my bike was the only one left in the PRO section...Oppsss. When I can in from the bike, only Sue's bike was there! so I was happy about my ride a 2h55 for a 56 miles with almost 6000 feet of climbing

Now the fun part: Running 21km (or 13.1 miles for my friends American!) after a swim and a hard bike ride? Well let me tell you that I got cramps after 3 miles and got past by 3rd place...I manage to keep running, eating bananas, drinking water and gatorade with little salt pills but my run was far from what I can do and I know it.
In the end I am very pleased with the experience of my first half..

Huge thanks to the Devil on the hills that cheered for me, the organizer, my friends and the new one's, Tara for the encouragement through the run, wild Bill and his wife, the Ottawa guys who cheered me too every time we crossed...
thanks for the amazing area that we raced in , the sun and the 70 degrees water and ohhhh the french fries at the finish, the ice cream and the pork sandwiches! taste them all!

up next : Mayor's Cup Sept 26th Boston Criterium
VT 50 mountaint bike 27th of Sept

Oct 3-4 Cyclocross Gloucester, MA
Oct 10-11 Cyclocross Providence
Oct 18th First ever marathon Toronto!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Boxing ring...

The two kids enjoying
the morning chicken at 7 am.

Friday, August 28, 2009

this last week...

I always believe that things in life occur for a reason...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gloucester triathlon

Race #2 under the belt...
I have to say that the race was great, hard bike and running courses and so many people out watching! It was for sure a success for a first year event.
After racing in BC the week before I took the week pretty easy trying to recover from my adventure out west. I guess I wasn't totally recovered! I felt horrible! I know I still got 3rd but thats not the point. I know what it feels like to be on top of your game..and I wasn't:)
Anyway the cool thing was that I met with Alicia Kay an all time triathlete and a Canadian!

So no details for this race beside the fact that I felt like I was in a boxing match in the water, that I had the best of all women bike split and That I felt like I had telephone poles instead of legs...
till next time
Up next Savageman half Iron in MD  on the 2oth of Sept

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Intermontane challenge...a real challenge!

day 1 : didn't get lost, suffered from the heat big time didn't eat enough and thought that is hell!!
day 2: didn't get lost, suffered from small narrow off camber single track but felt good.
day 3: Didn't get lost, suffered from the heat again, saw some stars on the road climb and got the shivers at 100 degrees ... not good. Stage cancel too many people lost...
day 4: didn't get lost, felt good the first 3 hres then BANG! single track BC style...I walked. Then I said to myself that I had enough. Got in the truck with my awesome mechanic  Chris from Thule. 
day5: didn't get lost, started the TT felt like nothing was working (body wise) , got so hot had to stop and sit for a while, wasn't having fun at all . 
On the plane tomorrow to Boston.. hopefully  I will remember why I decided to do this!

This was the most difficult race I've ever done. 

Monday, July 13, 2009


PoW WoW triathlon in Amesbury...Second triathlon ever...Its true.
The first one I did was 5 years ago in Montreal . I went swimming the day before for an hour and then I started the race the next day. Not much time for training!
The good thing was that the swim was in a pool so I could touch the ground once in a while to take a break! I was slow...1/4 mile in 18 min wow! I think I can crawl faster...
Yesterday I had the crew support Tim , his mom Claudia and my pup Vitesse. 
I was nervous but exited to tri something new. My orange cap on , goggles and wetsuit( thanks to Fitwerx for helping me) and off I went. I was just thinking about not drinking the whole lake ...out of the swim in 11 min only 2min20 behind the best guys...Got to transition and lost a bit of time there but place for improvement! Got on the bike and just went chassing everyone in front of me one by one...transition 2 little faster less than a min. Off I went for my 3.2 mile run. I felt a little stiff after the bike but got into the groove. Again racing in my bubble thinking about Km instead of miles! I pushed the last km because I new Crystal was coming behind me( she is a 2h47 marathon runner and a great triathlete). I come to the last corner and ...cross the banner for the finish! I was 1st and 6th overall. what I was happy about was the way I finish my run under 20 min . So here's the first report. Hope you will keep following my Quest to Kona 2010. 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Up next: 5 days mt bike challenge in Kamloops BC

October...ride October...thats my favorite month of the year but its also my bike sponsor for the season. Andrew is an awesome guy that have a passion just like all of us. He makes hand made bikes with... passion. 

I have been riding his bike this year racing a little around the US and having a blast riding with the mt bike crew, Linnea, Kates and the boys. Like I said in my other blog post I am not a professional bike racer anymore.
 Everything I do on my bike is of course pushing myself, test my limits but enjoy the friendship and the different side of cycling. So far I did Marblehead, Battenkill and Fitchburg. To come : Intermontane Challenge 27-31 of july in BC, (that will be my first ever mt bike stage race) then Mt Washington 15th of August , Cross Vegas 23rd of Sept, Gloucester 3-4 Oct, Providence and Southampton. 

I might sell some goodies before My race in Gloucester who knows...another thing I like to do!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New athletic goal..... Qualify for Kona 2010!!

8th of July 2009...
I've been swimming  for about 2 months now. I was never a swimmer. 
I was born on skis and started running when I was 10. And for those who know me Im very focus when I start something so never mind the swimming when I was a runner and even less when I was a professional cyclist!. Now I have to say I really enjoy swimming. 

That whole Ironman Idea came in one day...I bet it was raining...I called one of my best friend and I asked her to help me with this goal. She said yes right away and off we went. 
I had  a very scheduled life for the last ...mmmmm at least 14 years and to not have a goal of some sort was very difficult for me. The cool thing about triathlon is that Im meeting new people that have a passion too but at very different levels and even if Im new to the sport of triathlon I feel that I can help them.

So for the one's that where wondering why I race Fitchburg...well it was the 50th anniversary and I won that thing 4 years in a row. So I was invited. As for how it went...I will have to say great!! No I didn't win or podium ...I got cramps on the circuit race and broke my 2 wheels in the first 5 miles of the road race so really I never got the chance. But you know what? That was perfect. For the first time I wasn't upset or bummed or anything like that. I enjoyed the 3 extra lap with the pro mens that where a little off the back in the road race and had a great TT. As for the crit...I was at the beach! But no really I realized that bike racing is very hard and if you don't train specifically for it its even harder! I 'm starting to see what I achieve all these years and finally being proud of myself. 

I am not a professional bike racer anymore.

I love riding, running in the rain and swimming in the ocean.. I love being fit and pushing myself in different directions to see how far I can go. I love helping others to improve , I love cooking for Tim's teammate or for my friends. I love helping Tara getting back on her feet after having a cute little baby.
I am still an athlete believe me and I love it! Kona here I come!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Moto license!!

Now I can drive at night, carry a passenger and leave the state...Tim? 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time to cook!

Last night Tara and Matt came over for dinner. I really wanted to cook something good for them. They have been going crazy in the last month with the arrival of the little one 'Trey' and they are great friends. After looking into my favorite cook book (out of 1000!!) I decided on the menu:

Fresh homemade sweet potatoes gnocchi, with fresh homemade ricotta cheese with homemade cherries tomatoes sauce! oh and fresh homemade strawberry frozen yogurt! I really love to cook and I always give a twist to any recipe to make it mine. I had a glass of white wine and enjoyed being in the kitchen all afternoon. Dinner was a success!

I woke up this morning hungry...like every morning. After a nice quiet time on the computer sipping coffee and eating my fruits  I decided to make bagels! Yup ..bagels. 2 hours later Tim was testing them...success! The picture of the bagels is for Matt...believe me now?

till next time

Monday, April 20, 2009

days like that...

Got back at 10pm from Cambridge NY last night from the Battenkill road race.
Got up at 5 this morning to go swimming....I finally started. Then got home at 9 all excited for the day. Marathon that we where suppose to go see. Then I wanted to go on the moto ...you know just a little trip with Tim for a nice lunch. Didn't go. Was suppose to rain. I was dreaming of a massage for my little legs that raced those Battenkill roads on Saturday and twice around the course backwards on Sunday watching the pro race...Didn't happen. Then started to get bored...there is days where I don't listen to myself and I just wait ..wait for something to happen and then I get disappointed....And everytime I tell myself DO NOT do this again...and I do. 
So days like this one I called them boring , blaaaaaaaa, grey, sad...Can't you tell Im bored?
I  miss my dad.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Knitting in the truck...

Thats what I do now when I travel...knit.
Knit when Im in the plane, knit in the truck ( when Im not driving! ), knit on my bike( next one to try!)...not sure about that one tho... It was Tim's idea!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Im still haven't gone swimming yet...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First road race in a wwwwwhhhhhhhiiiiiiillllllle!!

I just finish the race in Marblehead and ...I had a great time! I wanted to be aggressive in the 35+ and then try to do as many laps possible in the pro men...that was about 4! great training race all around. Thanks to Geoff Hamilton, the CCB  crew , Diane and her daughter for making sure no one cut the course short!! and a big thanks to the masters and the pro men for being so great about having ladies racing with them.
Nice seeing the Mc Cormack brothers ...we where all teammates  on saturn a long time ago.
And all the great people that I met this winter teaching indoor cycling at Joe and Marti Gym in Marblehead. But for me this week end was all about my parents, they drove down from quebec. I haven't seen them since last november because of the immigration process that Im in. My dad was having a hard time and I couldn't go up there. I was very relief to see him. He looks great.
Tim got 2nd by 1 inch. 
next one : Battenkill with some dirt and fun!
Huge thanks to Andrew Frasca at October hand made bikes! My new bikes feel awesome!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Don't think..DO IT!

Will do yoga everyday till Tim get's home...on the 30th... 

thats stuff is hard well the more you think the harder it is...tonight I was thinking to much and it hurt. But friday and saturday I just went with the flow... inhale ...exhale...inhale ..exhale..
Yoga is something that make you realize that your life is great and that everything that bugs you is not that  important...whats important is you , your family  and friends , the people that your care for and that care for you. 
I come back from there and my mind is free and clear and I have all the energy in the world. I feel good, happy and content...then I wonder ...shouldn't I be content with my life with or without yoga? I have a great life. 
good night

Sunday, March 8, 2009

something new...

coming soon on www.lynebessette.com
keep an eye open for it....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I love wine...

Monday, February 16, 2009

imagination or boredeness...(is that a word?..)

I decided to make icecream. 
I've been gone for almost 3 weeks so I had nothing...well I thought I didn't... I started to look in the pantry and HOP! here's the milk...coconut milk but thats a start...then sugar got that at ALL time and that stuff doesn't go bad EVER! then a can of sweet patatoes...could use that too...and I had eggs from Tim's mom . She picked me up at the airport last night and had a couple of fruits , yogourt, eggs and ...half and half..for me...will use that too. This time I didn't follow any recipes I put the cocomilk , the sweet patatoes and the sugar in a pot with 4 eggs (2 full one's and 2 yolks) then I started to stir...on low heat....for a while...in the mean time I added a little half and half and some cinnamon...hummm...keep stirring...once it was sticking on the back of my wooden spoon I took it off the stove. Let it cool and went to the grocery store...maybe I should've done that before?...Anyway, got home with some dark, milk and white  chocolat and use some of the white to put in the ice cream once I had it go through the machine. Nice. Very nice.  Not as creamy as ice cream with cream and full fat cream with cream on top but pretty close! Ill put that one in the book.

Monday, February 9, 2009

my brain...

I realised that my brain is always spinning..like a basketball on a finger...
I am here in Santa Barbara...I think about my dad. I think about that I want to buy a house here...I love this place, I think about my summer...my husband.

Blue sky here today. Windy . Knit. Run....love this place.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Santa Barbara and more...

I could live here.

Today is raining...I'm not sure if i will hit the road on the bike or not...probably not. 
Having breakfast at a little table overlooking...the ocean. Yes, the ocean. 
Lucky you're going to say I know. I thank our friends Rebecca and Stacey for letting Tim and I stay here for a couple of days. Paradise...Sometimes you can see dolphins, whales and pelicans ...its like a painting but in movement.
Over the years I spent a lot of time in this area. I love the freshness of the food in CA, the markets every tuesday evening in the streets and the great little restaurants hiding in the most remote places but soooo good.

A lot of memories too...Tim and I met here so to be back is always a treat.

I am here for 10 days, enjoying the riding, the wine and my husband that has been gone for a couple of weeks for training camp with is new team.
We are happy to be spending time together.

I've been having a good winter so far, but I realised that I could live without it for sure or at least live close to mountains and cross country skiing. Winter in Beverly is not great...I lived in a winter wonderland my whole life and there was little tractor to clean the side walk as soon as the storm was over...just like cleaning the roads...here in Beverly, they do it 3 weeks later, people are suppose to shovel their side walk and DON'T and the sidewalks are like skating rinks...how are you suppose to enjoy walking the dog or going for a run ? Sucks. You shovel your side walk in a town where the snow actually melts...like Boulder. Anyway.

Next on the agenda:

write a story about all the candy stores that I've been to and start swimming...

talk later