Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I love wine...

Monday, February 16, 2009

imagination or boredeness...(is that a word?..)

I decided to make icecream. 
I've been gone for almost 3 weeks so I had nothing...well I thought I didn't... I started to look in the pantry and HOP! here's the milk...coconut milk but thats a start...then sugar got that at ALL time and that stuff doesn't go bad EVER! then a can of sweet patatoes...could use that too...and I had eggs from Tim's mom . She picked me up at the airport last night and had a couple of fruits , yogourt, eggs and ...half and half..for me...will use that too. This time I didn't follow any recipes I put the cocomilk , the sweet patatoes and the sugar in a pot with 4 eggs (2 full one's and 2 yolks) then I started to stir...on low heat....for a while...in the mean time I added a little half and half and some cinnamon...hummm...keep stirring...once it was sticking on the back of my wooden spoon I took it off the stove. Let it cool and went to the grocery store...maybe I should've done that before?...Anyway, got home with some dark, milk and white  chocolat and use some of the white to put in the ice cream once I had it go through the machine. Nice. Very nice.  Not as creamy as ice cream with cream and full fat cream with cream on top but pretty close! Ill put that one in the book.

Monday, February 9, 2009

my brain...

I realised that my brain is always spinning..like a basketball on a finger...
I am here in Santa Barbara...I think about my dad. I think about that I want to buy a house here...I love this place, I think about my summer...my husband.

Blue sky here today. Windy . Knit. Run....love this place.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Santa Barbara and more...

I could live here.

Today is raining...I'm not sure if i will hit the road on the bike or not...probably not. 
Having breakfast at a little table overlooking...the ocean. Yes, the ocean. 
Lucky you're going to say I know. I thank our friends Rebecca and Stacey for letting Tim and I stay here for a couple of days. Paradise...Sometimes you can see dolphins, whales and pelicans ...its like a painting but in movement.
Over the years I spent a lot of time in this area. I love the freshness of the food in CA, the markets every tuesday evening in the streets and the great little restaurants hiding in the most remote places but soooo good.

A lot of memories too...Tim and I met here so to be back is always a treat.

I am here for 10 days, enjoying the riding, the wine and my husband that has been gone for a couple of weeks for training camp with is new team.
We are happy to be spending time together.

I've been having a good winter so far, but I realised that I could live without it for sure or at least live close to mountains and cross country skiing. Winter in Beverly is not great...I lived in a winter wonderland my whole life and there was little tractor to clean the side walk as soon as the storm was over...just like cleaning the roads...here in Beverly, they do it 3 weeks later, people are suppose to shovel their side walk and DON'T and the sidewalks are like skating rinks...how are you suppose to enjoy walking the dog or going for a run ? Sucks. You shovel your side walk in a town where the snow actually melts...like Boulder. Anyway.

Next on the agenda:

write a story about all the candy stores that I've been to and start swimming...

talk later