Friday, January 8, 2010

Sausages..Oppssss Doogs I hot dogs!

This is for Stacey, Rebecca, Andy and all my friends that are wondering...what Im doing, where Im going and when.

Tonight I had the best Chili dogs in the world! I never eaten one of those and they where deeeeeliciouuusssss!

Now as for where Im going ...not very far for now but the big picture is to try to make it to Hawaii for the Ironman in October 2010. Today I did a very hard work out with Peter Park at Platinum Fitness in Montecito...OUcHHHHHH! place for improvement for sure:) will go back.
Tomorrow Triple crown Hill climb series start with the Gibraltar 8.5 miles brutal climb to...heaven. The view up there is to die for and is worth every sec of pain:)

For the next couple of weeks I'll be here, training with great friends and athletes and getting ready for my first half Ironman of the season : Oceanside In San Diego, CA March 27th.
I will do a little trip to Ixtapa for my cousin's wedding in February. I will be heading East to Boston for the marathon, April 18th and a Charity ride for cancer in Quebec on the 24th of April. Back to SB end of April.

I will also have time to make Gnocchi just like the chef showed me for Stacey, Rebecca and Andy to repay for the chili dogs!

Happy New Year!!

This new year will hope bring all the best to all my friends and family.
Here's my resolution for 2010: Take better care of my friends and family and to not compare myself....I am me and no one else.

I am in Santa Barbara, CA. I left Beverly, MA the 30th of November with the truck, the dog, all of our bikes, bags, the coffee machine( died on the way...RIP Sylvia..) my ski boots, the maple sirup, dog food and treats, the moto helmets, my favorite spices, the computrainer, paper stuff, more clothing and of course some great organic treats for my long drive ahead.

I made it to Portland Oregon in time for the next saturday last USGP (cyclocross race) of the season. Dog was happy to run with Tim around the course and I was happy that the weather was with me the whole time. Nothing. No snow, no rain, no ice storm, no speeding ticket, niet, nothing..I wont tell you that that I saw cool things on the drive...I took I-80.

Tim and I drove from Portland to Bend where we stayed with some great friends of ours for 2 weeks. Tim raced national and Won! Then our friends took off to go spend Christmas with their family and we house sit for them. It was great! Tim got his wisdom teeth taking out so that was good for me he couldn't talk! that not true! He was hurting for a couple of days but quickly back on his feet to go do some cx skiing , mt biking in the snow and some laying low in our nice house...well it felt like our:)(thanks Chris and Gerry)

Christmas was nice and quiet. Tim me and the pooch.

Back on the road again we repack the whole truck minus one can of maple sirup...but adding the moto. Troy, the Cannondale truck driver drove it to Bend for us so I wouldn't have to drive across with it. Perfect. My little BMW back with us on her way to ride the best roads in SB!
We stopped in Napa for a day, road a nice loop with Tim's teammate Roman and made it to SB in time for the Chicago new year, Denver new year and finally stayed up till the California New year!

Now we are here for a while and that make's me feel good, I love this place.
On route to Hawaii ironman.
Oh I almost forgot I did my first marathon in October in 3h and 2 min...very happy!
I am register for Boston in April!
till next time happy riding, running and swimming!